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Penguin 85th x National Literacy Trust
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Penguin Collection

Original designs from the iconic Penguin paperback

Penguin Tote Bags

The Lost Girl The Lost Girl Tote Bag

The Lost Girl


Amateur Adventure Amateur Adventure Tote Bag

Amateur Adventure


Man and Superman Man and Superman Tote Bag

Man and Superman


Penguin Mugs

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Penguin Mug Collection Penguin Mug Collection Mug

Penguin Mug Collection

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The Common Reader The Common Reader Mug

The Common Reader


Country Life Country Life Mug

Country Life


Penguin Prints

A Room of One's Own A Room of One's Own Art Print

A Room of One's Own


Pride and Prejudice Pride and Prejudice Art Print

Pride and Prejudice


Frankenstein Frankenstein Art Print



Middlemarch Middlemarch Art Print



Penguin Notebooks

The Penguin Problems Book The Penguin Problems Book Notebook

The Penguin Problems Book


Spines Spines Notebook



Life Class Life Class Notebook

Life Class


Old Junk Old Junk Notebook

Old Junk


Penguin Pencil Cases

Penguin Umbrellas

On The Road On The Road Umbrella

On The Road


The Weather The Weather Umbrella

The Weather


Wuthering Heights Wuthering Heights Umbrella

Wuthering Heights

Sold Out

Isokon Penguin Donkey

Penguin Bookends


Postcards from Ladybird Postcards from Ladybird Postcards

Postcards from Ladybird


Postcards from Penguin Postcards from Penguin Postcards

Postcards from Penguin


Postcards from Puffin Postcards from Puffin Postcards

Postcards from Puffin


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